BootHill® Pellets

BootHill bulk pellets are an excellent choice for baiting Norway rat burrows. Rats see these pellets as seeds in their environment and readily accept them as feed. BootHill bulk pellets are the only paraffinized bromadiolone pellets available. Paraffinization makes them more weatherable and therefore, superior to other bromadiolone pellets. Bulk pellets allow the applicator to determine the correct amount of rodenticide needed to treat their specific rodent problem.

Keys to rodenticide performance:

  • Use a long handled spoon to place pellets deep into burrows.
  • Do not crush or close burrows.
  • Continue to apply BootHill bulk pellets until rodents stop feeding.

Specimen Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Labels (Eng) Labels (Fr) SDS (Eng) SDS (Fr)
Labels (Eng) Labels (Fr) SDS (Eng) SDS (Fr)

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