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At Liphatech, we create innovative rodent control products that solve your toughest problems.

An unmatched team of experts.

Focused on providing you with effective solutions, only Liphatech offers you the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable sales force ready to solve your toughest rodent control problems. Their vast rodent control knowledge and deep industry experience provide you with accurate answers to the many technical questions and issues you encounter daily, so you can service your customers more effectively. We also have a Technical Support Manager on our team with over 40 years of real-life rodent control experience should you encounter a rodent control situation requiring the utmost in knowledge and service. He is a nationally known and respected rodent expert.

Liphatech understands the rodent control industry and is always striving to create more effective solutions for pest management professionals. The Soft Bait Innovators™, we were the first to bring you the wax-free, more palatable soft bait rodenticides. We continue to research new and innovative means to bring you increasingly effective products.

Extensive, real-world experience and expertise.

Liphatech raises the bar in product support and customer service. We deliver superior, personalized technical support, prompt, effective troubleshooting assistance on tough issues and help in developing and executing informative training presentations on a variety of rodent control topics.

The evolution of bait.

Rodenticides have come a long way since the days of high risk toxicants added to grains, seeds and other foods. Meal formulations were palatable, but not weather resistant. Pellet formulations improved the weather resistance but were still difficult to make tamper resistant. Meal and pellets in place packs provided dose control and improved the tamper resistance.

Eventually blends of grains, flavorings and other ingredients with melted paraffin wax were molded to form blocks. Then extrusion technology resulted in a more efficient wax block manufacturing process. As new active ingredients were developed, rodenticides became more palatable, but the wax still caused acceptance problems.

Liphatech, saw the need for a bait with increased palatability and effectiveness. Soft bait was developed with mixtures of milled grain, vegetable oil and 2nd generation active ingredients. It has no wax so is highly acceptable to rodents and won’t melt in hot temperatures. In testing, soft bait outperforms traditional block bait. Soft bait is the future of rodent control.

Find more information on Liphatech’s soft bait offerings at links below:

FirstStrike Soft Bait

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Innovation in Action: A FirstStrike Success Story

FirstStrike was used for service inside and outside of the largest exotic food supermarket of its kind in America. This six floor facility also processed food for sale and distribution. Having this built-in food source lead to little success with baiting attempts and mice continued to thrive. FirstStrike was placed throughout the facility in Aegis mouse stations.

Acceptance of FirstStrike was immediate. Within 10 days sightings had decreased to none. At 21 days feeding activity was about 35% and after 36 days activity had all but ceased.

FirstStrike was even preferred over spilled food. An additional plus for this account has been the effectiveness of FirstStrike on the occasional exterior rat problem.

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