Vet Guide

Case Study on Poison Treatment

Table 3

Category / Case Study Checklist of Actions Taken by Veterinarians
I. Clinical signs of bleeding; no history of exposure. • Collection of blood samples for routine blood counts and coagulation profile.*

• Treatment with vitamin K1 plus blood transfusion(s), if needed.
II. Known exposure to anticoagulant rodenticide; no obvious clinical signs of bleeding at time of admission. • Induce vomiting.

• Obtain sample of product and/or packaging and identify it whenever possible.

• Collection of blood samples, as above, to confirm diagnosis and provide data in the event of legal action.

• Treatment with vitamin K1 as a prophylactic measure if lab data are abnormal.

* To establish responsibility for the incident now or at a later date (Note: cost factors need to be considered and interpretation may be complicated when the time from exposure to sampling is unknown).

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