Vet Guide

Treatment of Rodenticide Poisoning

Table 4

Therapy Dosage Comments
vitamin K1 Parenteral initial dose*, not to exceed 1 mg/lb/day, and followed by the same parenteral or oral dosage for another six days.

Reduce to ½ mg/lb/day for the second week and then reduce by ½ for another two weeks.

After 1 month of treatment dosage is continued 2-3 times a week for another 2 weeks.
Six weeks of therapy needed to correct long-term effects of the more potent products.

If less toxic anticoagulants are known to be involved or monitoring of coagulation tests shows return to normal values sooner, the length of treatment can be reduced accordingly.
Whole blood transfusions Compatible fresh blood given at 5-7 cc/lb body weight, if needed in severe cases. The blood should be fresh to ensure the activity of clotting factors, which are labile on storage.

* Given subcutaneously and not intravenously (see text on previous pages).

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