Inverted T Bait Station

Tier 1 Bait Station requirements for inverted T ground squirrel bait station.


Rozol RTU T-Pipe Bait Station Sticker

Tier 1 bait stations including Inverted T-pipe stations filled with Rozol RTU and used to control ground squirrels need to have decals (stickers) applied near the top of the station. This PDF is formatted to print on Avery labels (size 8463), other 2 x 4 inch labels or standard crack n’ peel labels.


Proactive Gopher Prevention Pays Dividends

Controlling pocket gophers is one of the biggest challenges to maximize the value from each alfalfa field.

Mole vs Gopher

Do I have a Mole or a Gopher?

Information on the differences between mole and gopher mounds.

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