Your Regional Team

Charlie Passantino

Business Director - Structural Pest Control
Charlie is passionate about helping people reach their career goals while collectively working towards the company's goals. As such, his favorite Liphatech memory is rewarding his team with a sales meeting in Hawaii. Until recently, Charlie was blind in his right eye due to a BB gun accident when he was 11. Watch Charlie's video for more.

Jim Doll

Senior Marketing Manager - Structural Pest Control
Jim’s position in marketing lets him utilize both his creative and analytical sides. He’s especially proud of launching FirstStrike soft bait and hearing from PMPs about how it’s made their jobs easier. When he’s not reading rodenticide labels, he’s reading craft beer labels. To learn more about Jim, watch his video.

Inda Pawlak

Marketing Manager - Structural Pest Control
Inda’s role in marketing enables her to wear many hats and work with a diverse group of people throughout the company. She has been in the pest management industry since 2012 and finds the strong work ethic of people in the industry admirable. Her favorite food is dark chocolate with a glass of red wine – a combination that’s tough to beat. To learn more about Inda, watch the video.

John Murphy

National Technical Support Manager
John is a pest control expert who has been with Liphatech for almost 20 years. A natural problem-solver, he enjoys troubleshooting customer challenges and helping his customers grow their business. His favorite movie is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. To find out more, watch John's video.

Chris Morales

R&D/Field Support Manager
Chris started his career as a laboratory biologist working directly with rats and mice. His efforts led to the development of new product formulations and other innovations. In his current role, he enjoys educating customers on the science of rodenticides and their role in protecting public health. Off the clock, Chris likes collecting vinyl records and hiking Southern California.

Nick Fugate

Canada Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
Nick’s approach to customers is a move inspired by his mother. As a former waitress, she used to turn her “regulars” into family members – a strategy Nick employs today at Liphatech, “I love the idea of turning customers into family.” A self-proclaimed fountain of useless knowledge, Nick is a great partner to have at trivia night. Watch Nick’s video for more.

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