At Liphatech, our objective in the Field Agriculture Division is to assist landowners in effective pest management of voles, ground squirrels, pocket gophers, rats and mice.

Liphatech is committed to integrated pest management (IPM) practices. This includes incorporating a variety of best practices and tools beyond just baits, such as rodent monitoring, and reducing rodent harborage sites by habitat modification (including mowing and using herbicides where suitable).

We understand the rodent control challenges facing agricultural professionals. We work collaboratively with wildlife biologists, extension agents, rural municipalities, Ministry of Agriculture representatives and ingredient experts to produce bait formulations, delivery methods, and product labels that balance the needs of different stakeholders.

We are committed to the environment, minimizing harm to livestock, public health, and disease prevention by controlling vector-borne disease transmission into crops.

We also develop stewardship programs, including educational materials on best grower practices, and offer stewardship / training meetings at agricultural chemical dealers and rural municipalities to explain the most effective use of our products according to the PMRA labels.

We support our brands with strong pull-through marketing via agricultural publications, direct mail and web-media that reach our target markets. This helps prospective new users to find dealers and chose the correct Liphatech product for the target pest.

Ag/Field & Orchard Markets

Ag/Field & Orchard Canadian Products

Products found in this section are primarily for use in rural, agricultural settings, generally away from buildings and confined animal livestock operations (CAFO’s).

If your use pattern is to address rodent control in CAFO’s, see the Animal Health section of this website.

If your use pattern is primarily urban or residential, please see the Pest Management section of this website.

Products found in this section are primarily for use in agricultural areas which, depending on the target pest may include cropland, alfalfa, hay and other forage crops, cereal grains, pulse/seed crops, rangeland, orchards, commercial nurseries, non-crop areas near or around crops, and/or municipal parks, recreation areas & golf courses. Users of these products must be certified pest control operators, farmers, or persons authorized in government-approved pest control programs.

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