Hombre Bait

Hombre® is formulated with 25 PPM Difethialone, a single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant.

  • House Mouse
  • Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat

Product Details

  • Extremely effective for roof rat control.
  • Multiple formulations to meet various baiting needs – mini blocks, blocks, bulk pellets and pellet place packs.
  • Contains Difethialone, which was invented and patented by Liphatech.
  • For use only in indoor areas.
  • Vitamin Kis the Antidote.

Mini Blocks

Hombre mini blocks are an ideal choice as the foundation for biosecurity rodent control programs. Formulated with Difethialone, a single feed, second-generation anticoagulant. Mice, roof rats and Norway rats are readily attracted to Hombre mini blocks. Blocks are designed with a center hole for securing to prevent rodents from translocating rodenticide into sensitive areas.


  • Place Hombre mini blocks on vertical or horizontal rods in Aegis bait stations or other bait stations.
  • In areas where non-targets (people and/or animals) cannot access bait, the center holes in Hombre mini blocks allow securing with a nail or on wires without a bait station.
  • Place Hombre mini blocks between rodent’s nest and/or food and water supply.

Paraffin Blocks

Hombre 454 gram blocks are formulated with whole food grade grains and contain Difethialone, a single feed, second-generation anticoagulant. They can be easily broken into eight, 57 gram sections. Hombre blocks’ great taste and unmatched palatability attract mice, roof rats and Norway rats to feed.


  • Multiple horizontal ports within Hombre blocks allow them to be secured on Aegis bait station or other bait station rods or outside of bait stations in areas inaccessible to non-targets (people and/or animals) on nails or wires.
  • Hombre blocks are scored for application flexibility; break into 57 gram sections or place the entire block in one location.
  • Maintain a consistent supply of Hombre blocks until rodent feeding stops.


Hombre pellets are an excellent choice for controlling roof rats. Rodents see these pellets as seeds in their environment and readily accept them as food. Hombre pellets allow the applicator to determine the correct quantity of rodenticide needed to treat their specific rodent problem.

  • In areas where non-targets (people and/or animals) cannot access bait, place open trays of Hombre pellets between a roof rat’s nest and food and/or water supply.
  • Continue to apply Hombre pellets until rodents stop feeding.

Pellets Place Packs

Hombre Pellets Place Packs work best in locations where bait needs to be protected from manure contamination or moisture until the rodents find and consume it. The pre-measured amount of rodenticide reduces wasted bait for maximum economic savings.

  • Allows proper placement in hard-to-reach baiting locations such as under floor slats.
  • Special place pack film keeps pellets fresh until consumed by rodents.
  • Hombre Pellets Place Packs eliminates user exposure during placement.

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