John Murphy Technical Expertise

John Murphy, Liphatech Technical Support Manager, is now available to share his expertise nationwide. With over 37 years in the industry, he can troubleshoot difficult rodent control situations, train PMPs, manage technical projects and still enjoys supporting his customer

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John Murphy Available to Share His Technical Expertise Nationwide (July 2018)

In an ongoing effort to focus on product innovation, research and development, customer service, and technical expertise, Liphatech, Inc. announces the expansion of John Murphy’s role to include various technical manager duties along with continued support for his current customer base in the northeast and …

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Choosing the Right Bait Station to Fit Specific Needs Tech Bulletin

Tamper resistance, cost and time savings all play an important role in the bait station selection process. Here are some key things to consider in choosing the best station for each application.


Bait Station Location is a Key to Success Tech Bulletin

Bait station placement impacts the overall effectiveness of a rodent control program. Here are some things to consider when choosing where to locate bait stations.


Understanding Rodent Behavior Tech Bulletin

Learn about the behaviors for each of the three major commensal rodents: house mouse, roof rat and Norway rat.


Best Practice in Adhering Bait Stations to Concrete Tech Bulletin

Can't get that bait station to stay in one place? The chemistry of most plastic bait stations makes it difficult to get glue or other adhesives to stick to them. Liphatech tested various adhesives so you don't have to.

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