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Liphatech is committed to maintaining the important balance between man and the land. We do not use baits as the only solution to rodent problems. We develop solutions and educate on the proper integrated pest management (IPM) practices that go along with their use.

Our objective is to assist the landowner in the proper management (not eradication) of wild rodents. At Liphatech we have a deep understanding of the rodent control challenges facing agricultural professionals. We investigate ALL control methods and best practices, and ask the right questions:

  • What has been tried?
  • What works well?
  • Where have there been control failures?
  • What can be improved?
  • What are growers’ preferred (labeled) use patterns and use sites?
  • What crops are most affected?
  • What is the optimal seasonal timing based on landowner preference and rodent behavior?

We work collaboratively with wildlife biologists, rural ag fieldmen, rural municipalities, Ministry of Agriculture representatives and ingredient experts to produce bait formulations, delivery methods, and product labels that balance the needs of different stakeholders. We are committed to the environment, public health, and disease prevention by controlling vector-borne disease transmission. We market products in ways that meet our criteria for proper stewardship and safe handling of rodenticides.

We collaborate with end users, distribution and media partners to thoroughly determine the most effective communication media available to ensure prospective product users quickly learn about the benefits of our products.

Finally, we develop tailored stewardship programs including educational materials on “best grower practices”, and offer stewardship meetings at ag. chem dealers and rural municipalities to ensure the most effective use of our product according to the PMRA label.

We support our brands with best-in-class marketing via agricultural publications and web-media that reach our target market. This helps prospective new users to find dealers and chose the correct Liphatech product for the target pest.

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