Ground Force*

Ground Force is a multi-feed anticoagulant rodenticide that controls a broad range of rodents. In pelletized form, it is approved for the control of: voles, ground squirrels (Richardson's, Columbian, Franklin, and Thirteen-lined), Norway Rats, roof rats, and house mice.

Ground Force incorporates the active ingredient Chlorophacinone, invented by Liphatech and trusted for over 30 years, and offers these unique advantages:

  • Easy-to-Use – no more pre-baiting as with zinc phosphide. Saves you time, labor and money.
  • Long Field Life / Moisture Resistant – can be used in wet conditions or prior to snowfall without pre-baiting, unlike zinc phosphide which can “gas off” and become ineffective after exposure to moisture.
  • Application Flexibility – for use in orchards, nursery stock and ornamentals, in and around agricultural, residential, and commercial buildings.
  • Readily-available Antidote – vitamin K1. There is no antidote for zinc phosphide.

*Commercial Product: Only to be used by certified pest control operators, farmers and persons authorized in government pest control programs.

Specimen Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Labels (Eng) Labels (French) SDS (Eng) SDS (French)
Labels (Eng) Labels (French) SDS (Eng) SDS (French)


Vole Taxonomy & Behavior / Ground Force Technical Sheet

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