Revolver vs Bromadiolone Blocks Video

Watch and see in this time-lapse video, rodents consuming Revolver Soft Bait and leaving behind the bromadiolone wax blocks. When you need a bromadiolone rodenticide in your rotation, make it Revolver Soft Bait!

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FastDraw Feeding Frenzy

We placed large amounts of FastDraw® Soft Bait in an active dairy barn infested with both rats and mice. Despite the alternate sources of food, the rodents went for the FastDraw. See what happened next.

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Aegis® Mouse Bait Station Info Sheet

Combine the simple feeding chamber of the Aegis Mouse Bait Station with Liphatech’s superior baits for unmatched mouse control.


Aegis®-RP Rodent Bait Station Info Sheet

The AEGIS-RP Bait Station attracts rodents to enter and feed for outstanding control of any rodent population. And the AEGIS-RP is fast to service for increased PMP profit.


Carl Tanner to Retire as Liphatech CEO, Manny Martinez Named Successor (May 2015)

After more than 20 years of service, Carl Tanner, CEO of Liphatech, Inc. will retire on December 31, 2015. Carl’s tenure has developed Liphatech into a respected resource for pest management solutions. His leadership has created a culture of proud Liphatech employees, emphasized the quality …

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