Market Segment Overview - Ground Squirrels


Rozol® RTU Field Rodent Bait is a commercial product that may be used for the control of Ground Squirrels (Richardson, Columbian, Franklin’s and Thirteen-lined) in rangelands, crop and non-crop areas.

Areas of Use

Ground squirrels typically inhabit rangeland vegetation, seed crops and areas directly adjacent to crops. Even though ground squirrels are foraging animals, placement of baits directly into the burrows or the use of bait stations is desirable to reduce hazards to non target animals.

Helpful Application Tips / Application Directions

For use in Canada ONLY

Hand Baiting:

Locate all the ground squirrel burrows in the area of treatment and place 7 to 14 grams of bait into each burrow. Re-visit the site within 48 hours and re-bait all burrows where bait has been consumed or removed. Do not re-bait burrows where the bait has been undisturbed. Remove and bury any squirrel carcasses which are present above ground. A third re-baiting visit may be necessary for complete control.

Best Practices – Using Bait Stations:

Determine the approximate population present by visual count over a two day period. In areas where the ground squirrel is present, establish protected bait stations or tamper resistant boxes with an entrance hole of 7.6 cm using 1 station for every 50 animals counted. Place 500 grams of bait into the stations and check daily. Bait stations should bear the product name, active ingredient, guarantee, registration number, "WARNING POISON", and the skull and crossbones symbol. Maintain an uninterrupted supply for 3 weeks or until all signs of feeding have stopped. In areas where ground squirrels have been known to inhabit, but are not currently present, preventative baiting in stations can be accomplished by placing stations containing 500 grams of bait every 30-60 m. Replace spoiled or moldy bait as necessary. Remove and bury any squirrel carcasses which are present above ground.

Bait Station Diagram

Use Limitations

Bait MUST either be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations or in locations not accessible to children, pets or livestock. DO NOT place bait in areas where there is a possibility of contaminating food or surfaces that come in direct contact with food. To ensure safe use of this product, tamper-resistant bait stations must have the following characteristics: 1) constructed of high-strength material (e.g., metal or injection molded plastic) and resistant to destruction by children and non-target animals; 2) entrance designed so that children and non-target animals cannot reach the bait; 3) internal structure that prevents bait from being shaken loose; 4) access panel which fastens securely and locks (e.g., metal screw or padlock); 5) capable of being securely fastened to a surface (e.g., nailed down); and, 6) clearly labelled: "WARNING POISON".

Specimen Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Labels (Eng) Labels (French) SDS (Eng) SDS (French)
Labels (Eng) Labels (French) SDS (Eng) SDS (French)


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